Concept Art

Concept Art

Meenhaj Ahmed

Concept artist, United Kingdom

Hey hey, my names meenhaj and i have currently finished my Mart Games Design Degree at Sheffield Hallam University.

Hopefully wanting to become a successful concept artist and modeller in the games industry creating a diverse,unique and mind blowing array of concept art. Being creative is my passion and has been from the day i could pick up a pencil. I am fascinated with concept art, the ability to generate new designs for any purpose, be it to a specific brief or just to let my creative juices flow and see where my tablet and tablet pen take me.

Apart from concept art and games , my second hobby and desire is boxing. Boxing for me is a excellent contact sport for both physical and mental discipline. i am a huge boxing fan and find the sweet science amazing to watch and attend my local boxing gym to hone my own skills.